The company provides data processing services and also develops easy to use software as per client’s needs.

Data Processing Services include
  • Keeping a control over monthly jobs processed and providing results in time with accuracy and reliability.
  • Providing security of the clients-data.
  • Providing outputs in multiple formats as per requirements.
Some of the Data Processing Services given are :-
  • Data Input of various clients or converting data from different formats in database format for further processing.
  • Calculation of TDS as per the Indian Income Tax Act.
  • Calculation of Service Tax to be deducted as per the Indian Service Tax Act.
  • Creation of ETDS files quarterly and filing them with the required authority.
  • Printing of TDS Certificates and dispatching them to the respective parties.
  • Payroll processing and its related outputs.
  • Printing of mailing labels.
Software Development
Software development is done on Desktop platform as required by the client.
  • Payroll System
  • Car parking System
  • Creditors System including printing of cheques and Budgetary System
K. P. Dumasia & Co.